Road trip


I got up this morning dreading the trip ahead. Tomorrow is the funeral for my Mom. It is the 21st of December and I was not looking forward to the drive from southern Idaho to western Washington. The mountains of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho have been getting lots of snow all week so I figured the trip would be a slow drive over hazardous mountain passes that were slick with compact snow ad ice. The trip normally takes about eight hours in the summer. I was prepared for a twelve hour, or more, trip. We left home at 6:00 am and the roads were bare and dry. We did not even see any snow until we hit Meachum Oregon. The roads were mostly clear the entire trip. There was some compact snow and ice in spots on Dead man’s pass over the blue mountains in eastern Oregon, and some slush on White pass over the cascades in Washington but that was all. We actually made the trip over in record time.

I wrote this and intended to post it when I was done, however my brothers internet was not working. It is to late, and I am to tired to look at it tonight. I will see if I can fix the internet problem tomorrow after the funeral and post it then.


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