Year in review

Well 2007 is just about over.  Time to look back on the year and review what went on.  I did not have any goals set for the year so I did not fail to accomplish anything, however I also did not have any outstanding moments either.  Overall the year 2007 was a waist.  I was able to get myself a new digital SLR and I did take some good pictures with it, however I did not find enough time to go out and take pictures over the year.  I spent most of my time working this year.  I took no vacation time  and I did not take any time to visit my family in Washington.  I regret that the most.  The last time I saw my Mom was last Christmas.  I am very glad that we were able to make the trip last year as that was her last Christmas, but I do now regret not taking the time to go see her this summer.

I did get out and go fishing several times in 2007, andI did catch some nice fish.  The most fun I had fishing was the weekend we went camping on the North Fork of the Boise river.  The spot we were camping in had an excellent fishing hole.  In two days I had caught 10 Rainbow Trout ranging in size from 10 inches to 14 inches.  These were not record size fish, but they were good eating size.  We discovered that we needed to get a better bed for our tent on that trip.  The air mattress with the frame was not the right bed for us.  It was hard to sleep on, and Lorie really had problems getting up off of the bed.  We have replaced that bed with a couple of nice folding cots from Cabelas.  They are of the old army style, but have a vastly improved design that is quite comfortable.  We will be using these new cots for camping this year.

I did get out and go hunting several times this year also.  I had a lot of fun wandering around the hills even though I did not tag any animals.  I di get a new left handed compound bow so that I can get back to archery hunting.  I have not hunted with a bow since I injured my right hand back in 1997.  I have not been able to shoot my older right hand bows because of the limited use I now have of my right hand.  I am able to hold the new bow just fine with my right hand and am able to shoot very accurately with the Parker Buck hunter bow.

Overall the year 2007 was not a bad year.  I hope to have a better year in 2008.


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