2008 The year ahead.

Well now that I have taken a look back at 2007 I want to look forward to 2008.  I am going to try to set some goals that are not to difficult to meet and make plans to meet those goals. This is more of detailed New Year’s resolution.  Instead of just writing stuff down in a list I will make plans to reach those goals. So without further ado, here are my resolutions.

1) Quit smoking.  This is going to be extremely tough.  I will start by reducing the amount I smoke each day.  I will add in some nicotine replacement aids as well.  I hope to be smoke free by June 2008.
2) Lose weight.  I need to lose quite a bit of weight.  I will set a goal of 5 pounds a month and try to reach that goal.  I will change my eating habits and eliminate the junk foods and increase the fruits and vegetables I eat.  I will also start walking every day.  I will start with walking 1 mile each day and increase that distance as I get into better shape.  I will also add in riding my exercise bike each day.  I will start with 10 minutes a day and increase that time as well.
3) Write 20 minutes a day.  This one seems like an easy goal; however I have a real problem with setting down and focusing on writing.  I will either work on one of the story ideas I have in my head, or write a blog post.  I may even start working on articles to submit to magazines or news papers on various things I enjoy.  Once I make the writing a habit it should go much smoother.
4) Get my Amateur radio extra class license.  I really enjoy experimenting with amateur radio.  I have had my General class license for about 3 years now and have planned to get my extra for some time.  I have not yet gotten the extra because I do not spend the time to study for the test.  I will start studying now.  I will study one chapter a week until I am ready for the test.  I intend to have my extra class license before the field day event this year in June.
5) Take at least three photographs a week.  I really enjoy photography.  I started taking photos in early 1986.  That is when I bought my first 35mm SLR camera.  It was a Cannon AE1 Program.  I still have that camera as well as an AL1, and A1.  These are all manual cameras.  The AE1 Program does have an auto expose mode however.  I also have a couple of Minolta Maxxim auto 35mm cameras as well.  Last winter I purchased a Sony @100 digital SLR that is basically a digital version of the Minolta Maxxim camera.  To meet this goal I will pick a random subject and go out to find photo opportunities that fulfill the subject.  I may shoot more than three frames, but I must get at least three keeper photos from the shoot.

    So that is my list of goals for the year 2008.  I think this will keep me busy for the year.  I will keep the blog updated with my progress as the year moves along.  I hope to have some short stories at least to post fairly soon as well.


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  1. Lorie
    Posted January 6, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I will give you as much encouragement and support I can. Does it mean if you don’t lose any weight in one of the months is it because I’m such a good cook or? Together we will do our best to achieve our together goals as well as individual goals. Keep your spirits up. I am very proud of you and love you more each day.

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