Dog Mountain report

Last week while I was in Washington I was able to get out with my father in law and look around for some potential good hunting spots.  My father in law has a controlled hunt permit for Elk that begins in early January. It  was good to drive around many of my old hunting spots.  There have been a lot of changes in the six years I have been in Idaho.  Some of them I like.  Champion timber sold all of their timber land in the area to Port Blakely.  Port Blakely then  gated most of the roads and stopped all vehicle access.  The land is still open to the public, you just can not drive motor vehicles into the area.  You must walk, ride in on horse back, or bicycle.  I like that it will keep the road hunters out and make it much more enjoyable for those of us that are not afraid to walk a mile or two for their hunting.  I think that this is a great improvement for the area.  I think in a few more years the hunting will really improve in the area.


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