Family history

I have spent quite a bit of time the last few days going through old photo albums my Mom had. One of these albums had over 100 photos my Grandfather had sent home from Japan. Granddad was stationed in Japan at the end of WWII. He was with one of the units that was there to rebuild Japan after the war. As I look through these photos I have so many questions that I have no one to ask about that time in his life. I never had the chance to talk about these photos with my Granddad. In the early 1970’s Granddad had a massive stroke. He survived the stroke, but it left him mostly paralysed on the right side. He had very little use of his right arm and leg, and his voice box was paralysed. He was unable to talk. I wish now that I could have talked to him about the time he spent in Japan. He had several pictures of the beauty as well as the destruction of Tokyo. All I have left are the photos he sent back and my own knowledge of the times to fill in the stories. I will have to take the pictures back to Washington and talk to other members of the family that might be able to remember some of the stories Granddad told about the time he spent rebuilding Japan.
I also have a couple of albums of old family photos that are even older than the WWII pics. I have no idea who the people in the photos are and will have to spend a lot of time talking to other family and friends to identify them. I will make electronic copies of all of these photos so that I can eventually put together a new family album with names and hopefully some history behind the names.


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