Avalanche review

I have been a fan of Patrick F. McManus for nearly 30 years now. This week I picked up his new book “Avalanche. A sheriff Bo Tully mystery”. Avalanche is the second book in the Bo Tully series and Pat’s second mystery novel. If you are not familiar with Pat McManus’ writing, he is a humor writer that has written many stories about his life as an outdoors man. These stories range from his early child hood to adulthood and chronicle many of his mis adventures.

Avalanche begins with a report of a missing person. Mike Wilson the owner of the West Branch Lodge. The West Branch is a mountain resort set in the the fictional Blight County of Idaho. Blight county is located about an hours drive north of Boise. The plot is good and easy to follow. The story moves at a good pace with no real slow downs, and the characters are well defined.
Although this is not Pat’s normal humor writing there is plenty of humor in the book. Sheriff Tully is a very funny character as are most of the characters in the book. This is a quick read that will keep you interested until the very end. The ending is pretty good and there is no strange twists that don’t make sense.

Over all this is a great book and well worth reading.


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