What can you expect from my blog?

As we prepare for the start of the new year I am starting a new direction with my blogging. I have decided it is time to get back to writing for myself. I started this blog some years ago with the idea of writing on all the things I enjoy, but other things came up and I was doing more writing for other sites and I got to the point that every time I thought of something to write about here I didn’t because that would be a topic for one of the other sites I was writing for. I am know only writing for myself. This blog will cover everything I enjoy. I will talk about hunting, fishing, hiking, photography, cooking, and even current news events that interest me. I will do product and television reviews at times as well.
Another area I intend to focus on in this blog is cancer awareness. I have lost many family members and friends to cancer over the years and it is time to do something about this. We all must do our part to help with research and early detection. I will be looking for groups and programs in my area and nationally that work on this and bring those here to the blog.
I will also be adding my recipes to the site. I am looking for healthy ways to eat and will share what I come up with here. I know that most health experts say to not eat red meat, but I can not stop eating red meat so I will work on recipes that are easy, fast and make healthy foods taste good to go along with the red meat.
This blog will be a glimpse into what is going on inside my head on any given day, and I do look forward to comments and suggestions from anyone that is reading my posts.

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