Amazon Kindle – review

I am a total tech geek. I love to try out all the fancy electronic gadgets I can get my hands on. My latest love is the Amazon Kindle. This electronic book reader is awesome. The Kindle will hold 3500 books so you can carry your entire library with you at all times. The battery will last for a month on a single charge and is easy to read in any light.

The Kindle has several other features as well. There is an mp3 player, a basic web browser, and the text to speech function.

The web browser is crude, but not to difficult to use. in a pinch you could check email and social media sites or find directions if need be.

the mp3 player is also a bit crude, but it works well. the built in speaker on the kindle is fine for listening to pod casts, but if you are listening to music a good set of headphones would be a good idea.

the text to speech feature is great if you are busy with other tasks but don’t want to put down that book. The electronic voice is clear and easy to understand.

my favorite feature of the Kindle is the ability to copy my own files to it. I have made text copies of many of my recipes and loaded them onto my kindle. I can easily carry all of my recipes with me at all times and the text files are easy to read as well. The Kindle will display most of the more popular document formats including .pdf, .doc and .txt so what ever format your files are you can probably read them on the Kindle.

There are tons of books available from Amazon for the Kindle and there are many that are free or at least less than $1.00. there are books in all possible categories so no matter what your reading interests are more than likely there are hundreds of books that will interest you. there are also a lot of new authors that have self published their books for the Kindle. These authors may not have their books published by one of the print publishers yet, but they are turning out some great work that you can usually get cheap.

when you are reading a book on the kindle the buttons located on both sides of the screen make it easy to turn the page both forward and back with either hand. You can add bookmarks and notes to the book as well as copy clippings to a file for later use.

The Kindle can be purchased as wifi only or with both wifi and 3G. The wifi only version will connect to any wireless router to download books over the Amazon whispernet. The 3G version can also connect to Amazon via the cell phone network.

Books are easy to purchase and most will be downloaded and available to read in under one minute.

You can create collections to organize your books to make it easier to find the book you are looking for. Instead of having to search through the entire list of books you can organize them by category and search just the category you want to read.

Reading the kindle is not like reading a book on your computer. The Kindle uses an e-ink display that really is like reading a printed page. The screen is not back lit so it does not glare at you like a computer monitor, and after reading just a few pages you will not even realize you are reading an electronic book at all. The page turns are fast with very little lag time and when you are done reading for a while the Kindle will remember where you were when you come back to it, even if you change to a different book. This means that two people can read different books on the Kindle without either one losing their place.

Amazon has announced that the Kindle will have sharing available early next year. This means you will be able to loan your Kindle books to others with Kindle devices for 14 days. I expect that public libraries will also be offering Kindle books then as well.


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