2011 – the year ahead

Now that we are at the end of 2010 and preparing to start 2011 I have been thinking about what I wanted to get accomplished in 2010 and over all I had a good year. The two brightest moments of the year were the births of my Grand daughter Milley in January and my Grandson LJ in May. Adding those two with my first Grandson David now gives me 3 new hunting and fishing partners in the future and I am looking forward to that.

Now I am looking ahead to 2011. I am hoping to make 2011  an even better year than 2010. I have a number of goals I want to accomplish this year. there are a few things I have on the list I have never tried before so any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. I plan to spend more time on my photography. The more time I can spend behind the lens the better. I want to focus on scenic landscapes around Southern Idaho and hopefully get a few pics of some of the wildlife around here too.

2. I have always wanted to try Ice fishing. I have read about it for year, but never had the chance to try it. Cascade lake in McCall Idaho freezes over enough for ice fishing every year and is only a couple hours drive from where I live. I am planning a trip up to try it out early in February.

3. Coyote hunting. There are a lot of good open areas that have a lot of coyotes. I have not spent a lot of time hunting coyotes the last couple years and it is time to get back to it.

4. Stealhead fishing. The sprig stealhead season start Jan. 1, 2011 Time to break out the fly rod and hit the river.

5. Break out the fly tying gear. I have a good supply of hand tied flys that I tied a few years ago, but I have not tied any new flies for  while. Time to update the patterns and get back to it. Anyone have a favorite pattern that they want to share?

6. Exercise more. The hills around here seem to be getting taller and steaper. I need to get into better shape to make it a little easier to get up and down those hills.

7. Read more. Instead of watching crappy tv I should read more. I have a Kindle and like it a lot. There are thousands of books available for free and thousands more that are not to expensive.

8. the local chapter of the Susan G. Koman group has a race for the cure 5 K run scheduled for May. I want to enter the race to help raise money for breast cancer research and treatment.

9. Get more involved with the IDFG volunteer program to help the department manage our wildlife resources here in Idaho.

10. Learn to cook healthier meals. I love to cook, and it is time to spend some time learning to cook healthier meals.I will share some of my recipes on my blog when I find ones that are tasty as well as healthy.

That is quite a list of goals for the coming year, and should keep me fairly busy for the year.


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