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1 Long month today

One month ago today I smoked my last cigarette. I have struggled with my addiction for many years, and over the last month I have struggled with my resolve to quit. The biggest thing I have realized over the last month is just how ingrained smoking is in my life. I have smoked for the last 25 years and that habit is ingrained in every waking moment of my day. Until you decide to quit you do not realize just how much everything you do is centered around smoking. The addiction to the nicotine is not what is the hard part about quitting, it is the process of retraining your brain to do things without involving  a cigarette.  I have been doing really good at suppressing the habit for the last week, and then yesterday I pinched a nerve in my back and was experiencing some serious pain from my lower back down my left leg. It hurt to sit, stand, walk or even lay down. All day as I was trying to find the least painful position my brain was looking for the cigarettes. I finally was able to ease the pain by lying on a heating pad on the bed. Once the pain eased so did the urge to smoke. As I thought about that I realized that before now when I was in pain I would usually smoke more to help me relax and to help ease the pain. I am feeling much better today and the urges are back to their normal level. Every day I feel a lot better about my chances of success with quitting this time and as each day passes that success does come easier.


The meaning of Christmas

What is the meaning of Christmas?  Every year the holiday seems to get more and more commercialized.  The stores all bank on Black Friday sales to boost their profits, and more and more people are hanging their entire holiday shopping on that one good after Thanksgiving sale.  This year a t a Walmart in New York a temporary worker was trampled to death when the store opened and a crowd of approximately 2000 people stormed the store to get those great deals.  Other workers were knocked down and trampled as well when trying to get to the person that was trampled.  Shopper in such a rush to get the great deals were stepping over this poor mans body to get in the store.  No one stopped to help him.  Is this the meaning of Christmas?  Is a good deal on an electronic gadget worth more than a human life?  I did not participate in the madness of Black Friday shopping this year.  I instead was out in the hills of western Washington cutting firewood and enjoying a nice morning away from people.  My wife and I were together and had a wonderful day.  It was a little cool and did rain lightly at times, but it was very nice to be together in the mountains.  I have always maintained certain religious beliefs and as I have gotten older I have started to look more deeply into what is really important in life.  I have for several years now also been caught up in the technology craze.  I have lusted after many of the latest and greatest new gadgets like everyone else.  I have been so busy with work and trying to get these fancy whizbang gadgets I have not had time for the simple pleasures in life.  Until this weekend It had been almost a year since I had gone out in the woods and just enjoyed being in the woods.  To me the real meaning of Christmas is not what kind of deal I can get on some doodad at some department store, it is sharing the season with family and friends.  Remembering those that helped shape who we are and giving thanks for all that we have.  I am tired of the commercialization of the holiday and I am tired of the people that want to put a stop to our celebrating christmas because it might offend some group that does not celebrate christmas.  I do not celebrate Hannakuh, or ramadahn, or kwanza, but I do not have a problem with those that do.  I see no reason for them to have a problem with me celebrating Christmas.

What is the meaning of Christmas?  For me, Christmas is a time to reflect back on the past year and see what goals were met and what goals remain.  Christmas is a time to celebrate family and friends.  A time to renew connections with friends and relatives that you have been out of touch with for the past year.  And Christmas is a time to remember those friends and loved ones that are no longer with us in body, so that they will remain with us in spirit.

As for the gift giving I believe that Christmas is a time to give gifts to friends and family, but I do not think those gifts need to be some gadget made in some foreign land that we had to fight our way through a crowd of people that want to give that same gadget to someone.  I think the gifts we give should be much more personel than that.  I think the gifts we give each other should show the person receiving the gift how much we appreciate them and show that we took the time to think about them and what they really mean to us.  This gift could be purchased in a store, or made by hand.  Maybe the gift is a poem written about the feelings you have for that person, or maybe  aphotograph of a place or event that reminds you of the person you give the gift to.  I know that from this point on I will spend the whole year working on and searching for the gifts that I will give to my friends and family so that I will not lose touch with those that have helped to shape my life.

Congratulations Daryl

Last Thursday was opening day of late buck season in Western Washington.  My son Daryl went out that morning and was aboe to get a really nice buck.  Check out the picks at Flickr

A different world

It is amazing how fast your whole world can change.  A week ago my daughter went into labor.  At 6:52 am tomorrow morning my grandson will be 1 week old.  I was able to spend most of last week with him.  He is such a precious gift.  I am amazed at how fast I was tightly wrapped around that tiny little finger.  I can not wait until the next time I get over to Washington to spend some more time with the little guy.  He is amazing in every way.  More pics on flickr

A very proud Grandpa

This morning at 6:52 am pacific time my beautiful Daughter Jenny and her husband Darrin gave birth to the most adorable baby in the world.  David Eugene is 6 lbs 14 oz and 20.5 inches long.  I have not gotten to hold the adorable little bundle yet, but if you need to see proof that he is the most beautiful baby in the world check out my flickr page.

Congradulations to My Daughter Jenny, her husband Darrin, and my very proud wife and new Grandma Lorie.

I love you all very much, and could not be any prouder.

The Trophy buck

What makes a buck a trophy?  The Pope and Young club, Boone and Crockett club, and safari club international all have rules for scoring trophy bucks.  These record books all base those trophies on the measurements of the antlers.  Is that really what makes a trophy?  I have never taken a buck that would score high enough to even make the minimum for any of the record books.  Does that mean none of the bucks I have taken, and consider trophies, are really trophies?  I have always enjoyed my time in the woods hunting, and have many good memories of those many hunts.  I think the greatest trophy I have ever seen is the one in this picture.  This young buck was the first deer for my young brother Jeremy’s first hunt.  I have never been more proud of any deer I have ever taken by myself.

A great weekend

I hope that everyone had as good a weekend as I had.  I spent this weekend in Washington with my beautiful wife.  It has been some time since we have had a weekend alone together.  We did not do anything spectacular, we just spent our weekend together.  This was the best weekend so far this year.  Darlin I look forward to many more quiet weekends together with you.

Dcos’s blog

I hope that everyone has noticed I have added a new link to the blog role.  Doc’s blog is one that I have enjoyed off and on for several years.  Doc is my oldest little brother and a very talented and funny writer.  I also enjoy the work he does on the TV squad review site.

Some really good news

I am so rattled right now. There are so many things going on and so much work to be done I don’t even know were to begin. I am still working on settling Mom’s affairs. On the bright side is the news from Jenny that she is pregnant. Lorie is so excited at the idea of being a Grand mother she is beside herself. She has been working non stop for the last two weeks on several baby projects. At the rate she is going this baby will have more blankets than 2 babies can use.


Goodbye my old friend
many good times we have shared
I will remember