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I now know what is wrong with this country

I figured out today why our country is going to hell in a hand basket. This realization came to me suddenly and it was all clear to me.

I had to pick up a few things at the store on my way home, and as I stood in the express check out line looking at the heaping cart ¬†of the lady in front of me and the sign that said 20 items or less it dawned on me that its the new math that is ruining our country. Being the dumb backwoods redneck that I am I learned to count at a young age using my fingers and toes. I have gotten quite good at that over the years and only rarely need to take my shoes off to make sure I don’t have more than 20 items when going through the express lane. As I waited in line for my turn to pay I tried to figure out just how this new math thing works to make that cart full of stuff add up to less than 20 items. I never did figure that out, so I would like to ask that anyone explain to me just how this new maths works?